Therapy Services

At NeuYou, we use a range of movement approaches to target your specific symptoms. We aim to improve strength, range of movement and endurance, whilst reducing pain and stiffness, to improve how you carry out everyday functional tasks. Our overall goal is always to maximise your independence and improve the quality of your life.


Movement can take many forms. Every exercise or movement approach we use has been specifically chosen for the benefits it can provide you. These include:

  • functional movement retraining

  • Pilates for neuro conditions

  • Nordic walking

  • condition-specific training - Parkinson's BIG training, high intensity interval training & more


Exercise is medicine - Movement is therapy

Exercise & Movement

Symptoms related to your diagnosis can be 'silent' - either to you, or to others around you. Their impact, however, can be substantial and can have a domino effect within your life. This can make identifying and addressing the problem extremely hard to achieve alone.

Living well with your neurological condition requires the time and skill to identify the issues, and then learn how to manage your symptoms better to enable you to keep doing the things you love to do.


Whatever your symptoms - fatigue, freezing of gait, anxiety, difficulties sleeping well, sadness related to your diagnosis, poor memory - we can provide the advice, education and effective treatment strategies to help you to manage these issues and keep in control of your everyday life. 

All services are offered on a one-to-one basis where treatment is tailored to your specific needs and offered at a time that suits you. We are also able to provide treatment and movement education via video calls (Telehealth).

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become"

 ~Carl Gustav Jung

Managing symptoms

Neuro symptom management

Functional recovery is not just for the body. When there has been damage or injury to the brain, there can be many areas of our thinking, or cognition, that need retraining - much like we would for the arm or leg.

Areas of cognition that we might need to address include memory, attention, information processing, executive function, cognitive flexibility and managing cognitive fatigue. Training will target the impairment, providing the strategies to better manage your days and work towards your goals. Training is 


  • Education to develop awareness and adjustment

  • Process training to overcome cognitive difficulties 

  • Strategy training to teach compensation for specific skill loss

  • Functional activity training to generalise & implement learning in real life situations

Cognitive Therapy

As part of the aim to enhance your independence and functional skills, we may recommend equipment and aids (assistive technology) to help you achieve your goals. 

We aim to get the balance right between maintaining as much physical involvement as possible and recommending the assistive technologies to support you in your every day tasks - keeping you and anyone that supports you as safe as possible. 

We will liaise with suppliers, complete trials where necessary and provide training in all equipment we recommend to ensure it's the best fit for you and ensure you feel confident and safe in using it. 

Assistive technology can range from grab rails, small kitchen and bathroom aids, transfer and mobility aids to specialist beds and seating. Whatever need you have, we will support you in finding the best solution. 

Assistive Technology

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