We all know that feeling we get when we do something we enjoy: So busy with what's in front of us that time flies by; So involved with our work that we forget our worries and the outside world; So satisfied with our achievements we smile to ourselves.

NeuYou Rehab encourages the use of activities to promote wellbeing, challenging the mind and body and nurturing the spirit through creativity and activity.

We would love you to join in with the different groups the will be run throughout the year. OT's are the masters of adaptation so all group activities can be adjusted to enable everyone to join in.


Whether it's a new skill you'd like to develop, an old skill you'd like to rediscover, or something you just want to have some fun with, please JOIN US!

Simply get in touch and express your interest in joining a creative activity group, and to add to the ideas board should you have a particular interest. We're always open to new ideas! 


Help will also be given to connect you with other local, longer term groups of a similar type wherever possible so you can carry on with your new interest, if you wish. 



Becoming part of a community of people in similar situations to yourself can provide great social, emotional and practical support. It provides a great avenue to share experiences, concerns, helpful tips and a joke or two over a cuppa with friends. 

NeuYou Rehab actively encourages this through promoting group work wherever possible, and through creating social support groups for both clients and carers/family members.

Social support groups will be established in response to demand. If this is something you would be interested in, please do let us know!


Groups can be condition-specific or general social gatherings with the agenda being yours - so bring your ideas to the table and let's get talking!


The groups can be supported by a neuro OT to guide discussions and provide information, wherever possible and if you as a group wish.