Occupational Therapy

Services designed with you in mind
The services we provide are specifically chosen to enhance the everyday lives of people living with a neurological condition.  Thinking outside the traditional box, we aim to give you innovative, intelligent therapy that is truly responsive to your needs. 
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Through an assessment & evaluation process addressing all aspects of you and your life, we will get to know you - to understand the journey you have taken so far, help you identify any issues or difficulties you're experiencing and work with you to move forward to where you would like to be. ​

We will then work together in achieving your goals - one step at time - using a range of treatment options specific to your needs, including:

  • functional movement retraining

  • cognitive retraining

  • assistive technology & compensation techniques

  • symptom management

  • psychological & emotional support

Therapy can be delivered in a variety of ways to suit your identified need and to maximise outcomes. This may be in your home, in our clinic or in the local community. This will depend on your need, preference and availability. We will discuss this at the time and make a plan together. ​

Take a step toward improving your every day

Contact us on 0431 622 603 or email info@neuyou.rehab

We are very happy to provide an initial consultation over the phone to determine the best way forward, together. 

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